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Coding Interview Preparation and Mentorship To Land Your Dream Job

Consistently Crush The Coding Interview

EchanTech is an online coaching program and community platform to get you any tech job offer you want. It teaches you how to consistently and effectively solve problems for the coding interview through personal guidance and watching other fellow candidates get coached.

This is not your typical engineering textbook or info product. This doesn't only explain solutions to complex problems.

This makes you the best engineer and candidate you can be by teaching you to think and become on

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Why You Should Get Coached

What makes us different?

Improve Faster


No more guessing as to why you are not consistently answering questions or improving. You'll know and understand why with instant and expert feedback.

Brutal and unapologetic honesty is key.


You Are Different

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning or mastering the interview. And there is no single ideal candidate.

My job as a coach is create the best version of you that can crush any interview.


Consistency Over Information

Don't spend thousands of dollars on glorified college text books and subpar courses shot on a phone that repackages free information.


There are no secrets. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just your hardwork and dedication.


Meet your coach

Edbert Chan is an Ex-Apple / Uber Senior Android Software Engineer with over 6 years in professional development across 2 continents. He boasts a personal interview success rate of 75% and has helped his students achieve similar success rates from the Junior to Staff Engineer level.

His students also have similar success rates and consistently receive high offers from top tier tech companies such as Google and Amazon.

He has also conducted multiple senior, midlevel, and entry level interviews at Apple and Uber. Currently he is a Bar Raiser interviewer at Uber.

Students Typically Receive High Offers From These Companies