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Edbert Chan

Edbert Chan is a ex-Apple, current Uber Senior Engineer whose career spans multiple startups, Fortune 500 companies, and 2 continents.

He began his coding interview mastery in college, looking for a consistent way to approach and conquer interview problems. What he found was a low quality market full of information products that rehashed college textbooks and free online resources.

Disappointed, he sought to create his own methodology to consistently crush the interview. 

The common belief is that the interview has nothing to do with your capacity as an engineer. But Edbert decided to challenge that belief: that passing the interview and becoming a better engineer should go hand in hand.

What he created turned out to be nothing short of magical. 75% of the onsite interviews resulted in offers with compensation far higher than the average with some upleveling. Furthermore, in his own career, he was able to reach a Senior Engineer title in 4 years when the industry average is 7-10.

He regularly gets noticed by the leadership and VPs of any company he works at and knows the ins and outs of how to succeed in your career.

Today, he coaches people to succeed the same way he and countless other people have at a fraction of the cost. His methodology consistently transforms people into top tier candidates and high performing engineers who obtain similar results and offers.

He also believes that access should not be locked behind a paywall. He is constantly looking to innovate the content he delivers to increase accessibility while retaining value through his Youtube channel and his weekly free coaching sessions.

Amongst his notable interviews are Uber, Apple, Facebook, Google, Yelp, LinkedIn, and even the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). He also is the author of a patent.

In his spare recreational time, he plays Dota 2. Currently he sits at a Divine 2 ranking.


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