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Long Term Coaching

Fast Track Your Career

Get a deeply personalized guidance and intensive preparation for your next career move. We’ll provide a holistic analysis of your career path from technical ability and performance improvement plans (PIP), and provide leadership and professional guidance.

Long term coaching is available by application only.

Successful long term coaching students are driven, disciplined, and don’t make excuses. Long term coaching is not intended for those looking for short cuts or on tight timelines.

Long term coaching students will recieve weekly:
2-hour coaching sessions
30-minute problem solving analysis replays
15-minute progress check ins

Fees begin at 12% of first year income or 50% of signing bonus.


Successful long term coaching candidates:

  • Have at least six weeks from their first on-site interview.

  • Have at least two on-site interviews scheduled.

Make it happen

Our long term coaching clients have gone from being unable to complete a single Leetcode problem, to being paid the third-highest salary in their country.

Interested in coaching?

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